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Looking for an Excel expert to develop a custom solution?

“An expert can accomplish as much as 10 average developers” SOURCE: A guide to hiring programmers
Experts are rare, yet people looking for an expert often restrict themselves to searching locally. It is most unlikely that the best person for the job is local.

Some believe that face-to-face meetings make a big difference. We have clients in many different time zones and, while a few felt unsure at the start about using a non-local, the concern soon dissipated. Nevertheless, it is an inconsequential consideration when you weigh the benefits of employing an expert against settling for an average developer.

Tap into 30 years of Excel specialisation

Specialisation and experience means that AbleOwl are a long way along the productivity curve.

  • We assemble applications from components and use tools to speed up tasks.
  • We know the best solutions.
  • We know what works and what causes problems.
  • We employ conventions and standards.
  • We develop all kinds of applications.
All this means that you get applications, developed in a fraction of the time, that are user-friendly and robust.

Benefit from excellent and continuous service

Clients are always telling us how quickly we respond. There’s a great team of Excel consultants, Excel programmers, VBA programmers, macro-writers and VBA developers to provide you a wealth of expertise and continuity over the years.

Have us right there with you

It only takes us a moment to set up a net meeting to discuss your needs and deal with issues. Net meetings are efficient and effective.
We send you an email with a link so that we can connect up, see your screen and provide support as required

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Contact us by email or phone. If you want to show us something on screen, let us have a net meeting. If you have something to email us, please do, so that we can review prior to our discussion.    Tel: Australia 61 2 9496 2330     61 3 8400 4580    New Zealand 64 7 854 9276

Discover the features of our work

The screenshots below demonstrate some features of our work.
Others you will see in the case studies listed to the right .
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Use of dialog boxes for entry provides greater robustness   Automate download and reporting   AbleOwl conventions and components lead to greater productivity, robustness and maintainability
Prevent user corruption of data by using a dialog box for data entry   Incorporate impressive
dashboard reports
  Include conventions & documentation for ease of use and maintenance
Additional features of our work:

  • For most applications, we separate the data from the spreadsheets that contain the input screens, reports, macros and Excel VBA programming. That means you do not lose any data when we send you an update.
  • For many applications that use dialog box entry as depicted above, the data gets saved instantly and automatically on click of OK. So, there is no need to remember to save.
  • Many applications import data from external sources such as SAP, SQL databases, Access and accounting programs.
  • Some applications are multi-user in which users update the same data table.
  • Some applications that we write send emails via Outlook.
  • Many applications use a ‘database’ sheet to hold all application data. This enables interrogation, drill-down to detail and crosschecks.
  • Crosschecks ensure data integrity.
  • We sometimes write applications that need to work on both PC and Mac.
  • All AbleOwl Excel applications are ESP* standardised, which makes them easier to understand. *ESP is a set of Excel conventions and components developed and refined by AbleOwl over many years.

Use Excel rather than other software

Excel users use Excel for nearly everything. Often lacking development skills, those users don’t always create good software solutions. The question is whether Excel when used by skilled developers is the best software to use for many applications. Sometimes, web-based solutions seem more appropriate.

For most small-scale applications, which are the large majority, Excel is the best software to use for the following reasons:

  • Development is many times faster. There are a number of reasons for that, but a major one is that a macro developer can make use of the extensive functionality of Excel, for example, setting up a report formatted as required takes minimal time.
  • Excel is ubiquitous and applications will run or can easily be made to run on different Excel versions and even Mac Excel versions. The same cannot be said for web developments in which there are often issues not only with different browsers, but also with different versions of the same browser.
  • Excel applications run quickly. Custom dialog boxes pop up instantly. You can rapidly scroll through a long sheet. There aren’t the long and variable delays you experience with web applications.
  • Excel has vast and effective functionality. For example, an essential feature taken for granted in Excel is freeze panes. That feature is hard to program in browsers and it works poorly where it has been implemented.
  • Familiarity of users with Excel reduces training time considerably. The training requirement is an aspect of application development that is often greatly under-estimated.
  • An Excel developer can effectively protect parts of an application that must not be tampered with while simultaneously allowing changes elsewhere. Other software applications often frustrate users because the users cannot access what they need.
  • Excel is a stable environment not undergoing rapid change. Therefore, your applications won’t suddenly become obsolete and stop running.
  • In short, Excel delivers software solutions at a low percentage of the cost of other software. The solutions are higher quality in terms of ease-of-use and functionality. Excel solutions can be much more rapidly modified to respond quickly to business needs.

Have us right there with you

Let’s have a net meeting so that we can see your screen and discuss your needs.
We send you an email with a link so that we can connect up, see your screen and provide support as required
Similarly, when you need support, we can quickly connect up and do what is required. The world is now local. Get world-class expertise at your desk.

Hear from AbleOwl clients

“We tried to do it ourselves. We thought our finished product was OK. It was actually pitiful compared to what AbleOwl developed for us. The process was fast, effective and really simple. ”
“The payback on our investment has been incredible. The program had a refresh a few years ago, is still in use today and will probably still be in use in 10 years. It is core to our business.”
Krispin Kannan, Veterinarian
VetEnt, New Zealand
Gordon Foss, Finance Director
Crown Fork Lifts, New Zealand

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Case studies

Chart quarterly bonuses
Report on product displays
Reuel Newman, Davies Food
Link quote templates with data stored in another workbook
Helen Jowsey, StashIt
Database Clean
”Fabulous result, outstanding service. Not only did AbleOwl sort out our data, they future proofed the process using formulas that ensure we can repeat the processes. This will save us time and money in the future.”
Steve McIntosh, General Manager, Stormwater360
Warehouse map
”Having a full visual of the inventory in our warehouse through this mapping software has improved our flow tenfold.”
John Malfitana, General Manager, Warehouse and distribution solutions
Quotes using a cloud database
“The tool has automated a manual process that took 15 minutes to complete, but which now takes 2.5 to 5 minutes.”
Rick Mansley, Director, Alrick heakthcare
Hospital ward management
“The application has been in use for 3 years and has run smoothly the whole time.”
Susan Jadkonis, Finance Manager, Toowong private hospital
Import MYOB actuals into reports
Australian Orthopaedic Association, Sydney
Rapid course assessment
RMIT University, Melbourne
Bill of Materials from external inputs
“A task of 25+hours reduced to 90 seconds.”
Neville Ward, Research and Development Manager, Robertson Manufacturing, NZ
Dairy diary
Easy-to-learn application for calendars with images
"The software is easy to pick up, easy to follow, simple and everything is automated."
Krispin Kannan, Veterinarian VetEnt, New Zealand
Rapid sales quotes
"We reduced the task from most of a day to 10 minutes and greatly improved accuracy.”
Gordon Foss, Finance Director. Crown fork lifts, New Zealand