Microsoft Excel specialists

Excel courses overview

All courses use ESP conventions and components

Expert Excel for Eggheads
Everyday Excel for Everyone
Automation and robustness
(Excel next step 4)
Masterful manipulation and PivotTables
(Excel next step 3)
Powerful formulas and clear reporting
(Excel next step 2)
Best-practice essentials
(Excel next step 1)
Solid grounding
(Excel fundamentals)
Conventions for clarity, error reduction and productivity
Formulas & functions
Import, manipulate & report
PivotTables to analyse and present data
Dashboards next step
Charts & Dashboards
More essential spreadsheets
for Human Resources
Essential spreadsheets
for Human Resources
Specialised spreadsheets
for accountants
More essential spreadsheets
for accountants
Essential spreadsheets
for accountants
for marketing
Power Pivot & Power BI
for Finance
Wringing the most out of PivotTables & MS Query
for Finance
Macros advanced
Macros next step
Macros introduction
Speed up with macros
More difficult
Less difficult
Course duration
  2 days
    1 day

Excel Roadshow

Become familiar with the commonly-used Excel features and boost your proficiency.

Foundation courses

Courses start from the beginning and incorporate best practice and standards.

Conventions courses

Build rapidly with standard components, reduce errors and create understandable spreadsheets. Apply conventions and good-design principles.

Major topic courses

Cover the major Excel uses: (a)Calculate (b)Import and manipulate data (c)Report.

Job-related courses

Contain applications related to the job function and solutions to common problems encountered in those applications.

Macro-writing courses

Speed up tasks by automating them, and make applications easy to use for you and others.