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After 26 years of Excel hotline support, you’d think we’d have seen every problem there is, but not by a long chalk. There are so many different puzzles and so many different ways of combining Excel features to solve them.

There’s nothing that AbleOwl hotliners love more than getting their teeth stuck into a meaty problem.

Be a devil, throw us your most grizzled and chewy cuts.

The hotline service features:
  • Quick response time (often within an hour; always within 24).
  • Explanations for your individual query – no boilerplate responses.
  • Corrections and solutions incorporated into your own example files.
  • Please be clear that the hotline service is not a design or debugging service. Those tasks require much time in understanding the complete application, and for that, you need our consultancy service. Valid hotlines are those where the complete situation can be understood within a few minutes.
  • Hours purchased are valid for a year from purchase.
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