Microsoft Excel specialists

Foundation courses  

These courses are for you if you want to:

  • Get a firm footing for a fast start in spreadsheet use.
  • Receive the best grounding possible in one of Microsoft's most popular programs, Excel.

Course content overview:

Course structure:

  • All Foundation courses
    Duration: one day. Format: fully hands-on - computers are supplied.

What you get for each course:

  • The best possible advice and training from international company AbleOwl, who have specialised solely in Excel and spreadsheets for over twenty years.
  • Assimilation of good spreadsheet design practices. All AbleOwl courses apply ESP conventions. ESP(Excel Standardisation Programme). That means you will more quickly understand and navigate the workbooks used, whichever AbleOwl courses you attend.
  • A well-written, full-colour, indexed course manual that explains each of the course agenda items in detail.
  • A USB flash drive that contains all spreadsheets covered in the course examples. You can modify the spreadsheets for your own use.
  • A free PDF copy of each of our monthly publications: Instant, In-depth and Visual Basic Excel Sheets. Then, select your preferred magazine and receive a free three-month subscription to it.
  • The GenieMini add-in, to speed up many common tasks and to help apply conventions and good practices.
  • Multiple-place discount: 10% off for three or more places booked on the same course.
  • Refreshments and lunch included in the price.
  • A course certificate upon request.

Who should attend:

  • Solid grounding (Excel fundamentals)
    Beginners who want to start with good habits, and those who are rusty or have shameful habits.
  • Best-practice essentials (Excel next step 1)
    All Excel users except beginners. You should be comfortable with the course agenda items of the Solid grounding (Excel fundamentals) course. This is a course that advanced Excel users should also attend, as it covers spreadsheet design conventions, good practice and use of styles for formatting. Even advanced users probably won't know 80% of this.
  • Powerful formulas and clear reporting (Excel next step 2)
    Excel users who can already create basic SUM and arithmetic formulas. Prior attendance at the Best-practice essentials (Excel next step 1) course is not mandatory, though it would be useful. For those who want to: (i) master commonly-used powerful formulas; (ii) present results in a clear, professional and confidence-inspiring way.
  • Masterful manipulation and PivotTables (Excel next step 3)
    Excel users who can already create basic SUM and arithmetic formulas. Those who want to analyse data arranged in tables, which are often imported from other systems. Prior attendance at the Powerful formulas and clear reporting (Excel next step 2) course is not mandatory, though it would be useful.
  • Automation and robustness (Excel next step 4)
    Excel users who are already competent with formulas and formatting, and use Excel constantly. Prior attendance at the Best practice essentials (Excel next step 1) course is not mandatory, though it would be useful. For those who have tasks that could be automated or who want to make spreadsheets easy and robust for others to use. Please note that the macros topic takes up over half of the course.

Learn in a positive environment

  • Be assured the advice you get is well-proven and utilised.
  • Feel free to ask questions.
  • Get time away from the office and constant interruptions.
  • Enjoy a friendly environment where you don’t feel you’re holding others up.
  • Instantly apply what you’ve learned on return to work.

The courses cover Microsoft Excel releases 2010 through 2016 and Office365.
Where there are differences among the covered releases, they are pointed out.

Course cancellation policy:

A course booking is considered final when received in writing (online, email, fax or post) by AbleOwl, and can be cancelled up to ten working days before the course. After that, payment is expected in full and no refund will be given. All cancellations must be notified in writing, i.e. post, fax or email. Another delegate may be substituted at any time.