Microsoft Excel specialists

ESP stands for Excel Standardisation Programme. AbleOwl have specialised in spreadsheets for nearly a quarter of a century, and have worked painstakingly over that time to perfect those standards.

To the novice, standardisation sounds like a brake on creativity. Those steeped in standards know it as the opposite. To understand that, consider the written word: you do not spend time trying to work out the best way to arrange words on a page; you automatically start top left and follow all the rules.

AbleOwl have developed the Excel add-in to help apply those standards, rapidly build spreadsheets from standard components and work efficiently. The add-in is a massive development by AbleOwl, and new components are continuously added.

We offer a series of ESP courses that cover rapid Excel development and use of ESP conventions and best practice. These courses employ the ESP add-in.

However, all AbleOwl courses make use of ESP conventions and practice. When you attend any of AbleOwl's Excel courses, you'll immediately recognise the standards. This is a boon to rapid understanding. You'll acquire the conventions subconsciously, as you did when you learned English (or your own native language).

All courses include the freely-distributable GenieMini add-in, which is a subset of the full-blown Excel Genie add-in.