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Excel for rapid, low-cost business process improvement

Rapidly move ahead in terms of efficiency and quality by capitalising on the resource you already have: your staff and their Excel capability
With 25 years' specialisation, who better to help you achieve quality and productivity in hundreds of small-scale business processes and tasks?

Microsoft Excel

  • Build professional custom applications at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.
  • Empower.
  • Deliver on productivity, quality and ROI.

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Email us: Australia  
  61 2 9496 2330 New Zealand 64 7 854 9276
  61 3 8400 4580

Microsoft Excel centre of expertise
Benefit from AbleOwl's 30 years of Excel specialisation

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Excel training courses 

With 28 years' specialist experience in Microsoft Excel consultancy and Excel training, no one is better able to help you. With over 20 Excel courses, we can best match your training needs.

You learn by the Socratic method, in which the trainer uses questioning to lead the trainees to find solutions to common problems. You remain engaged during the Excel training and remember it better later. Don't waste time learning Excel features that are not likely to be useful. All the courses use AbleOwl ESP conventions for easy-to-follow, robust applications, and include the AbleOwlESPMini add-in in their handout files. The AbleOwl trainer, an Excel expert, becomes your Excel consultant for the day: ask any Excel questions you have.


AbleOwl Excel courses include:


Excel consultancy Excel consultancy

Hours spent on repetitive tasks can be reduced to minutes, or minutes to seconds. We can automate many of your business processes with robust Excel applications. Because you are already familiar with Excel, little training is required and you retain control and stay empowered. Learn more about custom Excel applications and automation.

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Excel help hotline support Excel help & hotline support

Send for Excel help by email and get the best possible solution in reply. Use AbleOwl backup for critical applications.

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Excel standardisation ESP - Excel standardisation

Find your way around an Excel spreadsheet the way you find your way around a book. Reduce errors through adopting best practices. Build applications rapidly by using standard components. Apply conventions and standard components for better productivity, error-elimination and clarity. And standards make your reports look professional.

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Get regular bite-sized Excel training for free with the weekly tip. Keep informed of upcoming courses and news.

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